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Greetings All!

Michael Alexander Jakubowski here and I'm welcoming you to my site.

Surprisingly there are many other Michael Jakubowskis out there and yet you have found ME.

I am the first of 4 sons from Stanley and Luci Jakubowski, sadly, both gone.

Next in line after me is John Jakubowski.

Then his fraternal twin, Jim Jakubowski. They are about 3 years behind me.

About 10 years after me is Steve Jakubowski.

I have 2 adult now children that I love very much. First born is Andrea Michelle Jakubowski. Now Andrea Dudding. Then there is Jason Stanley Jakubowski.

I am now with Arvee Jan Robinson and we have a great relationship. Always two-gether!

My passion is Kung Fu and I had the good fortune to study under the best. My original martial art was Karate and that led to Kung Fu, particularly Jeet Kune Do (JKD) or "Bruce Lee's style". I had studied years ago and it still is alive in me.

My other passion is MAUI, Hawaii. One day I (we) will move there. Soon I hope.

Well, I wanted to keep it brief and say "thanks for dropping by"  so I am. I'll be adding more in next few weeks/months so please drop by if interested.

I've got to get back to work on my business sites so I can get some money rolling in and move to Maui.