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Michael Jakubowski Recommends:

Listed here are sites that I highly recommend for your business and/or personal pleasure:

Arvee Robinson

Need to speak right to grow your business? If you are a business owner then you intimately know just  how critically important it is to use the right words  when talking to prospective customers and clients. You also know how important it is to speak well to your existing customers and clients. You need  to say it right and with the burning motivation for them to purchase what you have.

You need her persuasive business speaking training because you will learn to say it so they will buy it! 

She also teaches you how to put on events where you train small or large groups of people.

Learn to speak with power and persuasion with Arvee Robinson now.  

You can also reach her at http://www.InstantProSpeaker.com


Animoto Video Presentation

Have you ever been mesmerized by a picture or video and could not look away? It is easy to be drawn in when you see quick and colorful videos or pictures all pieced  together into a 30 or 90 seconds video that captures the lively essence of life. Imagine a mini "infomercial" of you involved in your passion and with music that enflames the soul. Now send that out to friends, family, customers or upload it onto your website.

NOTE: there is a freebie version but it is way too short and limited and ends with the Animoto logo; if you want real quality and professional look, check out the pro version ...you'll be glad you did!

Make incredible video shows with Animoto now.


Need a website and want the most simplest to use that is possible? You need XSitePro now. This is by far the easiest and most user friendly that could possibly exist. It was designed for entrepreneurs and has many features built directly into it to make all your needs available and ready in one big package. And it is very reasonable, too!

PS: this site was built with it! 

Easily and quickly build great business websites with XSitePro now.

Host Gator

Need hosting for your web site and/or blog? Look no further because Host Gator is it. ALL the space you will ever need is covered in one flat fee! Incredible when you think about it. I know, I was a die hard fan of another provider for years but I only got a provided amount of space to put everything on and if I wanted more - as in more business sites or blogs OR adding many more pages to my existing sites - then it would cost more.

PS: this site is built on it!  

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited space with HostGator now.


Want the best PC available with all the software imaginable AND at a great price? Of course you do! Who wouldn't? RKRUSA delivers where others fail. This is a small business that definately overdelivers in a BIG way. DELL is their specialty but not the only company that RKRUSA works with. If you want it, you can get it here.

For a steal of a deal, contact Ramesh Ramnaninow at his email: rramnani@aol.com be sure to include “Michael J sent me”!

Great Reviews Here 

Reviewing products and services is one great and simple way to make money.  How? By providing a great review and convincing readers to purchase you can make a commission from an affiliate sale. Easy? Yes and no. It is one thing to review and another to write convincingly. Especially in today's economy. At Great Reviews Here only those truly worthwhile are reviewed and recommended.

For honest reviews, go to  http://www.GreatReviewsHere.com   now.

IAM Subliminal  Empowerment 

Looking to improve yourself and overcome inequities?  Come here for unique self improvement by using subliminal messages that work on your soul level, the IAM. While still in its infancy, you can have desired messages created specifically for you during this beta stage.

see:  http://www.IAMSubliminalEmpowerment.com


Kung Fu Warriors 

Learn how to defend yourself at home or in live workshops with  Kung Fu Warriors .  This is the internet business for learning multiple styles of martial arts. The products are all designed for home use and learning how to use efficient and proven fight moves for self defense. Workshops are also available for live, personalized training. Here eBooks, DVDs are the products provided.

see:  http://www.KungFuWarriors.com 

MAUI Warriors 

This is ultimately going to be a physical, on-site school of martial arts in MAUI.  The name of MAUI Warriors actually is an acronym for  M artial  A rts  U nification  I nstitute and  Warriors   is for the warrior, fighting spirit. The theme is to bring together multiple elements from all martial arts and create a new independent style. This organization is dormant at this time yet waits for its birth in MAUI which should be between January 2011 and January 2012.

see:  http://www.MAUIWarriors.com 

See It And Say It

Creating podcasts or blogs is time consuming, especially if you need to edit and add all the hidden elements  required for your podcast to be accepted by the big podcast providers. This is especially true for iTunes who is still the biggest place to put your message out there for the whole world to see. But it has to done.  See It And Say It   will do just that for you.  Take a rest from the strain and stress, let See It And Say It take away the mess so you can do what you do best! 

Saving your time and energy for you, let See It And Say It do it now.