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  My Aloha 60th Birthday Party


Wow! Turning 60 is a major milestone in life. It means you need to wake up and look around because time's a-runnin out. Didja do what you wanted to do? Are you prepared for ... whatever comes next? Retirement. Aches and pains? Social Security?

Well I'm still working on it all but 6-0 does make me realize where I'm at and what I've got. Fortunately I've got some friends and you cannot put a price tag on them!

Arvee wanted to have a birthday party. I didn't. I tried to get out of it but she said she'd do it without me so I'd better help. OK. I did. Of the 40 "committed" people, 23 came. And we had a ball.

To some people's surprise, we had hula girls perform. They were surprised because I hadn't decided if I was going to have them or not. I wanted to be sure that I could afford everthing.

Then we had karaoke. Everyone should have known about that.

We had teriyaki chicken, rice and macaroni salad. Got it from Ono Hawaiian BBQ. It's actually quite good. Chicken was very tender. Everyone really liked it.

And the hula show was really good. Quite a performance. 5 gals shakin and movin. Colorful and visual. Then, of course, there was the audience participation part. I knew I'd have to because some people wouldn't do it but if I got up then they'd be more receptive. Actually I was quite surprised and impressed when so many came on their own. We had about 10 of us up there. I don't know who enjoyed it more. Us or the audience who simply watched. And laffed.

Then we had the karaoke. A couple ladies have a voice and really sang quite well. Arvee's friend Kain started and she wailed. A little later Nedra Cooper got up and knocked us dead. Wow. She can really sing. I knew it ahead of time because her husband Steve had told me she was very good. No kidding. She did a Barbara Streisand song that was fantastic. But her greatest was the Whitney Houston song. The ending where she raises the notes a couple times was absolutely incredible.

No one wanted to get up after that. How can you compare? She's a tuff act to follow.

But we did. I don't remember how we got back into it but something worked.

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