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Jim Jakubowski

Bro Jim 01

Jim Jakubowski is my next in line, #3 son and fraternal twin of John Jakubowski.

Jim is about 6 minutes younger than John. He also lives in Torrance, California. He lives there with his wife Debbie and daughter Bridget.  

Jim has nothing to do with the rest of his birth family. Ever since he became a "Christian" or was "born again" (strange, though, he did that twice. I wonder if the first one didn't work. However, it probably means he didn't accept it when he found another way to practice his "faith". He rejected his Catholic faith when he was "born again" the first time.

Although I miss him I learned to accept his rejecting of all of us. He was always a lone wolf. That's just Jim. Sad thing is that his immediate family could have benefited by knowing us too.