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 Arcie and Cyndi Cummings:

 ArcieAndCyndi-My 6oth

Arvee and Kain:

Arvee&Kain-My 60th

Bob and Ann Marie Duffy:

Bob&Ann #2-My 60th

Frank and Minnie Barajas:

 Frank&Minnie-My 60th

Gary and Sigy Zaslove:

Gary and Sigy-My 60th

 Jose and Estrella De La Cerra:

 Jose&Estrella-My 60th

Jose and Suzanne Turcios:

Jose&Suzanna-My 60th

Maria/Sylvia Keuper and Raul:

MariaAndRaul-My 60th

 Terry and John Sebastian:

Terry&John-My 60th


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