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Arthur Murray night is a big showcase night. The students get to show off a dance routine and the instructors get to show off their skills.

It's incredible and fun.

Some students performed two times and others three times. Arvee and I performed only once, glad to say. We had changed our routine three times in the last couple of weeks and the last time was the day before the event.

We thought we had it down but during the performance we made some mistakes. Fortunately none of the students nor guests knew we made those mistakes and it really didn't matter because we had fun. Arvee followed my lead and it went fairly well. We both made minor boo boos and the great thing was that we each covered for the other. Great TEAM WORK!!!

Kathryn the owner and head instructor said we were good even though we're sure she caught our mistakes-thanks, Kathryn for not saying anything. Our main private instructor said our timing was off. Oh well. Arvee is glad he is pointing out our mistakes but I think he could have waited until next week.

Another student who has significantly more experience made the strange "complement" that it was OK for newbies. Huh??? C'mon guy...it's our first time and we were nervous. OK for newbies???? Well you can't please everyone so you gotta please yourself(s)!

Arvee wanted to show our love so we kept our eyes glued on each other and smiled the whole time.

It was good.

Real good.

Unfortunately we didn't ask anyone to take our pictures while dancing but we did get these before and after shots:

Here we are practicing in "casual" clothes. We didn't want anyone to see our "costumes" before our performance. I wore my black and white to match Arvee. Kathryn wanted me to trim my beard and slick my hair back so I did. Fortunately Arvee likes it slicked back!

Arthur Murray 11-06 01

Arvee bought a royal blue formal gown so I was obligated to match her. I originally tried to get a black tuxedo shirt but both Kathryn and Arvee came over to the shop (very close by and the school gets a 10% discount!) and decided a dressy black shirt would be better. It had French Cuffs which did add to the formality and flair!

I also bought a black vest to wear with it. It helped "trim" me down as I needed it! The blue tie that I originally picked I believe to be closer to the color of her gown but the gals wanted another so I bought it.

The shirt, vest and tie would have been enough but they really wanted me to get blue cuff links and tie ring. They looked really great but I really didn't want to spend more money. Even with the 10% it was adding up. But Kathryn worked the sales guy down and he wouldn't budge until I said let's comprimise .... she's a regular here and you know I'll be back.

I got the cuff links and tie ring set.

The tie ring was a big hit as no one had seen anything like it before.

Get used to it .... I'll be wearing it whenever I can to get my money out of it.

Arthur Murray 11-06 2

Here we are with another couple, Jeff and Nancy. We sat at the same table together. They danced twice! Nancy said that they didn't do two moves that we did and they are 2 levels higher than us! It was an underarm turn that Arvee circles under my left arm and as she does my right hand and arm slide on her back while I dance/move around her then she circles the other way for an outside turn.

Pretty cool!

We'll need to record that and put it up here. Stay tuned...

Arthur Murray 11-06 3